JAPAN NATURIE Skin Conditiong Gel and Lotion Cosme Best item on 2017 28-3-2017

JAPAN NATURIE Skin Conditiong Gel and Lotion Cosme Best item on 2017

Fully penetrate with refreshed feeling (* 1)

It is superior to penetration (* 1) with a sticky feeling without stickiness, and lotion that adapts to the skin as it piles up repeatedly. Mix natural beetle extract (moisturizing ingredient) and keep it on smooth skin free from rough skin.

(※ 1 penetration into stratum corneum)

Use generously and effectively hydrate

As large enough to be used everyday, large size 500 ml specification. It gives a fresh moisture to your skin with comfortable and effective skin care.

Simple prescription that can be used with confidence

Simple prescription that uses ingredients unnecessary for moisturizing as much as possible, such as fragrances and coloring agents. Easy to the skin with low irritation, you can use with confidence.

Basically "After lotion, as an essence liquid"

It delivers plenty of moisture with high penetration prescription and keeps it without escape. You can feel the moist, full of rich skin.

For those who do not like oil, such as milky lotion and cream

Formation of water protective film "micro gel layer". It keeps moisture firmly without sticking the skin.

After shower and bathing up

When put on the skin the gel structure unravels, it quickly adapts to the skin without stickiness. Moreover, since it is plenty in size of 180 g, you can use plenty with all your family.

Even if it is used for moisturizing care in the morning before makeup, makeup does not collapse

I do not care about distortion and collapse because it protects moisture without relying on oil. Rather, the moisture continues, so you can prevent make-up collapse due to drying.